re-organizing the stereo…

When we first purchased our Computer Armoire from C and G Pine and Oak approximately 16 years ago, we had purchased our first family computer and it was BIG computer. Big old monitor and and big old CPU. It fit in the computer desk just lovely. And I love that armoire! It fits so nicely into our living room. But then, as we upgraded our computers over the years and computer components continued to get smaller, we wondered if our computer desk would become obsolete. Then came the laptops and the keyboard section, monitor section and CPU section of the armoire are now completely useless. Then I had a thought! The kinda thought where my husband holds his breath and says, “What’s you thought, dear?” Since we remodelled the living room a few years ago, I knew that I wanted to keep the stereo in our living room but I always struggled with where it was. We used a side table that my Mom had given me years ago and placed it next to one of our armchairs and it always sat there a little awkwardly, in my humble opinion. So once the computer was gone from the armoire I decided to plop that stereo right in that armoire and so glad that I did it. It looks great, it fits in there wonderfully and that awkward table is now gone. More space in the living room and less clutter. Just thought I would share some pictures of what it looked like before; that picture was taken many months ago.image

And this is what it looks like now…the cords are less obvious and it feels like it fits there so well.IMG_5566

IMG_5561 IMG_5562

But once I took this picture it did look a little naked so the decision was then made to style the corner around the chair with just a few found items in the house. Moved that lamp from the other side of the living room…IMG_5587

Then came the basket…IMG_5589Then came the pillows and blanket lazily placed in the basket…IMG_5565

And then a few nicely placed pillows in the chair…So pleased with how it looks now. Cozy, comfortable and clutter free!


  1. Kelley Fewer says:

    Judy, I was just reading the Canadian Scrapbook Mag blog, looking at the nice photos of some lucky girl’s scrapping space, and I recognized you from your nursing grad photo!!! How great to “see” you…enjoyed looking through your blog and “meeting” your family. Seems like all is well with you!

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