styling a table…

I took this picture for an Instagram post about 2-3 weeks ago to show my appreciation to Willow House for their great job re-covering my couch a couple of years ago and how it still looks as good today as it did when we brought it home. But this post is not really about that. It wasn’t until I took that picture and looked at it that I saw how empty my table was looking and how I knew I could do so much better than that. I knew I had lots of stuff that I could spruce that table up! So I shopped my house. A little task that I do frequently around my house. I get tired of looking a one vignette and decide I want to change it up! So that is exactly what I did.IMG_1841

I started by finding this huge golden tray that I use mostly at Christmas time. Placed it on the table over a great striped table runner. Then I placed my newly bound books on the tray and just started adding a bunch of things that I had gathered from around the house or had in my storage room in the basement. Those tall candle sticks with two really tall tapered candles, a beautiful turquoise vase bought at Bowrings years ago, a pretty little ceramic vase filled with little white mums,  a candle with it’s own terrarium given to me as gift at Christmas time, my cork coasters topped with a turquoise glad votive holder and finished off with a great candle from Yankee Candle. There you have it…By using lots of layering, mixture of colors and textures and you have a styled table. Not one red cent was spent. that is the best part of all!IMG_5579






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