binding old books…

I am so delighted with how this all turned out. I had these two old books. One is an old cookbook that my grandmother owned and one was a bible that was given to my sweet hubby when he attended Sunday School in 1977. They were in rough shape and I really could not afford to have them professionally re-bound…maybe some day…but not right now.

So I decided to go back to my old school days and recover them with a little bit of old fashioned brown paper. Years ago, my Mom would save us the paper bags from the groceries during the summer. And when the school year started, I would love coming home with my school books and covering them with the old brown paper bags. Years ago when I did that, I will admit I was a little more fancy with the folding and would wrap the book more elaborately than I have wrapped these two books. I really am happy that I have left it more simple with these two books in light of the fact that may have them professionally bound some time in the future. IMG_5539





I had this roll of brown paper that I had previously purchased years ago for a mail order business that I had. I have used this paper for many things over the years. And once again it came to the rescue of this project!


I decided to measure the books top to bottom and then opened the book and measured the entire width of the book. With those measurements, I added 1 inch around the entire perimeter of the book. Folded that inch down on the top and bottom of the book and did the same on the sides. IMG_5548IMG_5549I then wrapped the paper binder completely around the book and adhered with a removable adhesive that was acid free and easily removed for when, and if, I ever have them professionally re-bound.


Using my Sizzix machine and some Die-namics dies, I cut two white labels from some Bazzill cardstock. Such a pretty label…don’t ya think?IMG_5554

 I then used some kraft coloured cardstock and using an old looking font…actually forget the name of the font…I typed some simple titles to put on both books.IMG_5555So simple, so pretty and humbly created for an upcoming styling post…Stay tuned!


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