the bedroom…before

So, where do I begin…Let’s start by saying that I love my bedroom. Spacious, airy, lots of light and at night, it is so cozy. But I am feeling that it is not right anymore!

For years, Rich and I have never had a headboard. To be totally honest, I never saw anything I liked. I liked the soft feeling that lots of pillows gave us. But now I am feeling like it is just unfinished. I tried to get the illusion of a headboard using the brown accent wall and the two large prints at the head of the bed. But it is not working for us anymore!

I am so tired of bedskirts. I want something tailored and finished. I have been having to take my bedskirt off for years and wash it so much because the cat crawls under our bed frequently and her hairs just seem to gather on that bedskirt. Such an eyesore for me! Plus it does not matter if I make a bedskirt or buy one; they just never have looked right to me! So Rich and I are going to tackle a DIY with this as well. Making our own bedframe with a polished black finish. And that headboard issue is going to be taken care of with a upholstered headboard DIY.



Those lamps are an issue as well. They are too small, no character and the cords to get to the outlet are too short. Those lamps have taken quite the beating from many falls to floor while cleaning or making the bed. Nor sure what I replace them with, but I am sure there is another DIY in there somewhere.


I love my IKEA Hemnes bureaus…but they are much darker in shade than when I purchased them. I won’t replace them but, boy, are they going to get a makeover!


I love my reading nook in the corner of my bedroom…It is so peaceful sitting in that chair! But I am thinking the white cover is just not working for me anymore. I want something a little more masculine for Rich. The way that I want to go in this room is soft and pretty but there have to be things in this room that he is comfortable with as well. A grey cover for this chair may be in order.



The brightness that our bedroom has during the day is such a joy to us. We use our bedroom for more than just sleeping. We both love to iron our clothes…a little obsessive about it actually. I mean really, is there anything nicer than ironing a pillow case and then sleeping on that pillow case. And Rich irons all of his own work clothes! Really , it is the small things in life that give us such pleasures! But the light is so wonderful in front of that window for ironing… When those windows are open in the spring and summer and the breeze blows right through our house…Well, it is just wonderful!


As for the other walls in this bedroom…they are quite unremarkable. They lack character! There is no color and we are so tired with how the mouldings just seem to blend into the paint. We want a nice crisp white on the mouldings. I want a lovely grey on those walls. I want to create some art work myself for the walls. I may even commission a friend (Sheri!) to create something for me!



These. Curtains. Have. To. Go.

I bought them and loved them in the store. Put them up on my window and never really liked them. I hemmed them to short and planned on fixing them but I just did not know with what. They are definitely a fail in this bedroom.


This wall between the bathroom door and the main door to our bedroom has always been a bit of problem wall for me. Need to work on what I want to go there. I have always wanted a full length mirror in my room. Sounds like a DIY project for us.


And last but not least. I love our vaulted ceilings…but do we or will we place anything in that vault. I have debated that for as long as we have lived here. One project I need to research further and get opinions from people about this little challenge. Maybe crown mouldings!

So there you have it! A big wish list and lots of DIY in our future! But it will be good to accomplish this ourselves. We look forward to the challenge and will keep you updates with the plans as we go!



  1. That white 3 drawer chest? Love it!

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