then and now…

With the fall in full swing, we have decided to put the backyard makeover into resting stage until next spring. We did great this year and everything we accomplished we did it on our own. At first when we decided to stop everything now and wait until next spring to start things up again, I must admit, I thought we had not accomplished much. It was at that point that I decided to look at the before and after shots to give us some perspective. It really helped.



This shot shows you how many trees and shrubs were back there when we started. Those two bulb cedars had really over stayed their welcome if you ask me and it made the patio look non-existent.



Now the backyard looks open, the patio looks fabulous and ready for its next upgrade next spring and we are able to see the backyard oasis of our dreams coming together. During the winter we are going to try to put together a great mood board of  the items we would like to see in our backyard. Richard and I would also like to work on an actual layout of where we want things to go. We have it in our heads but are working on finding a website that lets us create plans. We would like to create that plan and share it with you over the winter and have it ready to go for early spring. We have also tinkered with laying all the flagstone/concrete blocks ourselves or having a contractor come in and take care of it for us using either stone or stamped concrete. Not sure yet but we have several months to think of the pros and cons for both. But for now, Richard and I are proud of the work completed this summer. Aesthetically it does not look like much has changed this year, but a lot of laborious things were completed and we extended the patio with a great step and planted the scrumptious hydrangeas.


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