scrupmtious hydrangeas…or they will be…

We knew in our backyard makeover that along with new patio boards and concrete there had to be some colour. It also had to be low maintenance because my green thumb is not always so successful. I do a lot better with perennials than with annuals and my favourite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies. So I knew they had to be in this backyard somewhere.

The nicest hydrangeas I found were at Home Depot this summer. but they were priced at over $35.00 each and I knew I wanted at least five of them. I have to say that it was more money than I wanted to spend. So I decided to wait it out hoping they would reduce in price as the fall approached. During late summer I noticed they had been reduced to just over $18.00 each. I was delighted, but decided I would just hold out a little longer with the philosophy that if they all sold at that price I was not meant to purchase them this summer. But I kept a watchful eye over them. Richard and I are always at Home Depot and every time I would look at them.

One morning we headed off to Home Depot for some parts for our shed and I completely forgot about looking at the hydrangeas. We were in the car, on our way out of the parking lot and I remembered them. I insisted that we turn around and boy was I happy we did. Those sweet hydrangeas, who were now looking a little wilted and tired after sitting there all summer, were priced at $5.00 each. We could hardly believe we missed it!

We quickly scooped up five of those babies! I did look through them all and picked the best five of the bunch. They are hardy little guys so hopefully they will last and bloom well in the spring. Time will tell! But for that price, if one or two do not survive I don’t think I will be too upset. I mean really, they could have cost me over $195.00 including taxes and I got them for $28.25.

Once we got them home we had to decide where they should go. I decided that I wanted them to be at the edge of the planned seating area. So, up the dead grass came and we dug nice deep holes for those puppies. Some new soil and some acidic fertilizer, we got those scrumptious hydrangeas in the ground. You dont see it in these pictures, but we have since mulched this flower bed to further protect them throughout the winter. Lots of water and support for the wilting leaves; we have now left them to hibernate through the fall and winter with hopes they will bloom in the spring and summer next year.

image image



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