curb side find…

Have you seen something on the curb on garbage day at someone else’s house and wondered “Why are they throwing that away; it is a perfect piece to work with?” I will be honest that I have thought that but never really stopped and took that item to work with it. Well, two weeks ago, I was picking up one of my boys from football practice and saw this bureau and thought exactly that to myself. I could hardly believe my luck. Simon and I stopped and looked at the bureau and it looked pretty decent in the dark of the late evening. So I went home, got my sweet hubby and asked him and Simon to lift it into the van to bring it home. I did go to the front door of the home where we were taking it from, but no one was home. I felt a little like I was stealing but then I stopped. My sweet hubby and I put things at the curb all the time on garbage day, hoping that someone will come by and take before it heads to the garbage. The old saying, “Someone’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

So away we went with the bureau! Once it was home in the garage in better light, I could see why the owners were probably getting rid of it.


Holes in the side…both sides…Not sure what they were for…



A large chunk out of the bottom edge…Again, not sure what that was from…


Drawer handles all chewed up…

What you can’t see in these pictures is the actual “before” shot of the bureau when I actually got it home. The bottom accent trim looked as though it had been chewed away by a dog. The people who previously owned it had just painted over the large chew marks. It wasn’t very pretty. You can also see what happened to the handles of the drawer as well. So hubby and I got to work, removing the bottom accent trim. It was just attached by screws so it was fairly easy coming off. We searched at a few home improvement warehouses and finally found this trim at Lowes. It was not a perfect match but I am so pleased with how it turned out.




With a little wood filler to fill the holes…several sandings and several fillings later it was a lovely smooth edge. Plus, I put wood filler along the two outside mitered corners where our trim met; along with several sandings here as well…



And my favourite white caulking to fill along the edge of trim where it meet the bureau…And the refinishing was complete. Now to prime it all with white primer. I have not decided yet what color to paint my new find. I am not sure if I should go with my Oil Rubbed Bronze or if I should complete it with a bright Teal or Kelly Green…

Stay Tuned!


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