Plasma and LCD Cleaner

Plasma and LCD Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

Ok…I will admit it. I use all of those harsh cleaners in my home. Ok I’ve admitted it. I know it’s not good for me, my family or our family cat. But I love the smell of a freshly cleaned home. I also know that those residual smells are not good for us either.

So recently I have been looking to make some of my own homemade cleaners using vinegar and water and what have you. But who has the time. That’s why the store bought cleaners are so good. With our busy life, we are lucky if we get the house clean, let alone, have to make our cleaners before we even get started.

So, then I started to research in store bought Eco friendly products. I will admit that I am a little bit of a skeptic. But how do we know for sure if they are Eco friendly. Where is the data. I just was never sure.

Then along came effeclean! I have been so impressed with this company. A Canadian startup that wants to do it right. Making a claim and sticking to it. They have had the proper testing completed and their products passed the test. I became interested in effeclean through my Twitter account and started to chat with them. I got some of their product sent to me and started using them in my own home. Again I will say that I was skeptical but hopeful. I still wanted my house to smell fresh and clean not just look clean. I know picky, picky!

But I have to say that I really liked this product. As you can tell from the picture above, effeclean sent me the LCD and Plasma Screen Cleaner and the All Purpose Cleaner. I decided to start in my basement. The TV/Family Room and Scrapbook Room/Sewing Room are down there. A perpetual dusty place is my basement, despite how much we clean. A sign of a lived in house is the excuse I give myself. But I really believed that these two rooms would give these cleaners a run for their money. Boy, did they pass MY test. First off, let’s talk about the LCD and Plasma Screen cleaner. It gave such a non-streak finish to those surfaces. I used it on the TV and the computer screens. It was so quick…no second wiping to get off residual cleaner. Oh, I forgot to mention that Effeclean sent me a cloth to compliment the cleaners. I would spray the cleaner on the cloth and then use it on the surfaces. Perfect combination and again streak free. Secondly, I used the the All Purpose Cleaner on most other surfaces in the room. Now, in my TV Room, I have mostly IKEA furniture. It has this special finish on it. A satin, non-porous surface that I always had trouble cleaning with traditional furniture cleaner. Well, Effeclean really did the Job. It felt really clean with one swipe of the cloth. I was really shocked. I think this is what totally sold me on the product. I also decided to use this cleaner on all of the pictures and glass/mirror surfaces in these rooms as well. Wow! I was so pleased with this too. It took very little cleaner to get a steak free shine of all of those surfaces. I used to use a lavender water spray but the lavender oils always left a streak. Not with Effeclean! I then used the cleaner to do my baseboards. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but baseboards are the bane of my existence. I hate cleaning them. And it does not matter how much you clean them, they never feel clean. I can no longer say that with Effeclean. They look like they are freshly painted. They look crisp and clean. So happy with that!

So overall I would definitely recommend this Canadian made product that cleans well and does leave that fresh smell after cleaning. Very happy with this product and look forward to using it in many more areas of my home.

Sample product provided by Effeclean…All opinions are my own.

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