asparagus gruyere tart…

Martha's Tart

Martha’s Tart

My Tart

My Tart

I really do like trying new recipes. And when I found this one, I was so happy. I had not worked with butter puff pastry before and was looking forward to that; plus, it had two of my favourite ingredients as well.  Cheese and asparagus!

What more could a girl ask for!

I am such a visual learner and the thing I loved about this recipe is that there was a short five minute video on the Martha site that I could learn how they did their tart. This was good. It gave a couple of great tips for using and manipulating the puff pastry. Which was a fabulous help. Now in their video, they worked on a stainless steel surface. I worked on my quartz counter top. The trick with puff pastry is working quick. The coolness of my counter top helped keep the pastry cool so the butter does not have time to get too soft in the pastry.  It also helped me move the pastry quickly when I needed to get it to my cook surface.

Now I know mine does not look as pretty and uniformed as Martha’s; but I can honestly tell you that puff pastry is a little finicky and I don’t think I did bad for the first time. It will just take some practice. But the taste was phenomenal. My sweet hubby and it just adored this flavour. It will be cooked many more times in thIs home. I could see it being a great compliment to a sit down meal, an appetizer or even a great compliment to a buffet at a wedding or baby shower.

To find the recipe, click on Martha’s picture and you will find the video there as well.


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