literally, the next step…

My Sweet Hubby got the top layer of our new patio completed and it is just lovely to have the patio back in service. A place to sit  and read or BBQ again. But it was not finished yet! We had to put our step around the base of the patio. We wanted the step to be extra wide for no other reason than how it looked to us in the research that we had done. Richard decided to complete a box step; great start for us fresh DIY’ers. The plans were available on many websites; we just had to get the measurements that worked for us and away we went to the lumbar yard.


We started with some long edging concrete bricks that we levelled to the ground in relation to where we wanted the step to attach to the patio. Those bricks were easy to level but, boy, were they heavy to get around! Once they were levelled, we built our box step.002

Attached the box step to the patio and secured it to the concrete step and now the next step is to get the stepping boards on the box step…Stay Tuned!




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