mirror, mirror on the wall…

I have had this great gold flourish mirror for many years. I actually debated for many years about what to do with it. It was on the wall of our main bathroom for several years. One day I looked at the mirror and really thought how it just did not fit there anymore. It just was not my style. But I hated to sell/giveaway such a large mirror. I truly felt that it could be used somewhere in our home. The most recent home trends are showing that gold is coming back into home and clothing design. I then felt that maybe I should just leave it the way it was and  discussed it with sweet hubby. I have to say that even though he used it for many years in the bathroom, he was never truly sold on the look of the mirror. So I placed it in the front hall on the black bureau; just to get an idea of how it would look against the black bureau. I must say, we. did. not. like. it. at. all.

So what to do……I decided that I needed to look at the rest of our home and rethink this project. Normally the front hall bureau has a black mirror on it and we did like it a great deal. It pulled the whole front hall together. The black mirror just felt warmer during the winter months and too heavy for spring and summer. I knew then that my decision was made for me. I need to spruce up the mirror and just use it during the spring and summer to brighten the front hall.


We decided to use the color from the table runner on the bureau. It is this lovely Kelly Green and I was able to find the matching color of spray paint at Michael’s. Was so delighted!

I started by removing the mirror from the frame and then with a coat of spray primer and then several thin coats of the Kelly Green. It took a while, but the mirror looks finished properly. I really believe that is the key with spray painting. Several thin coats with adequate drying time in between.


Styling the bureau afterwards was fun. Just pulled together items from my home…a milk glass bowl with some shells and starfish, a little bling on a glass candle holder and a flourish clock to help compliment the flourish of the mirror. Very simple and pretty!




  1. Love the end result Judy! The mirror is gorgeous and I see why you didn’t want to get rid of it!

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