covering it up…

Let’s start with an apology. My sweet hubby started to proceed with the patio one day when I was working and I did not get great pictures on the extension that he put on the end of the patio. If you remember, we just wanted to extend the patio to get the BBQ to fit flush against the house instead of sideways as you would walk out the patio door.

But before that, we noticed when taking the patio apart, that the carpenter who built our patio had placed a plastic sheet across the dirt under the patio. This was to prevent anything from growing underneath the patio. So we decided to do the same as you can see in the picture below. Don’t be wanting any weeds growing up between the boards!


So, in this picture, the second last board on your right used to be the end of the patio. But sweet hubby put down some new patio blocks under and levelled everything all up and put in a new end board. It is only about 12 inches wider in width to accommodate the BBQ.



You can not believe how giddy I was to see the new boards covering it up…

It had been several days without our patio and it was unbelievable how much we missed it. Especially our cat…



These photos show you the subtle difference between the before and after but how much more functional the patio will be once we get everything else put together. Love how the BBQ not fits snuggly up against the house and the whole layout is so much more open.



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