taking it down…

When we last visited, we were just about to take apart the patio apart and see how much we could salvage. But before we did that we let our sweet kitty out on the patio one last time until it was back together again. She loves to come out onto the patio in the summer months and watch all the activity around the garden. Once she was back inside the house we proceeded we taking it down…


And before we go much further with this  DIY backyard makeover, I would like to share what we have in mind for the whole backyard. I still want a small patio believe or not. But I do want a large area in the backyard that can seat eight (or more, in a pinch) at a dining table. We also want an area that we can sit and read a book in the early morning hours, in the sun, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the quiet that is our neighbourhood at that time of day. I want some pretty colored flowers. But we don’t want to have to garden a whole lot. Low maintenance garden all the way! I am thinking Hydrangeas, Boxwood and the occasional potted annuals. As I said in earlier post, we want to keep our large Silver Maple and the Cotoneaster Hedge. Love them…

So the research began about the size of our backyard and what we could fit in there. It was going to be tight! But we had faith that we could get at least part of it. Then I fell upon this video on Canadian House and Home and almost lost my breath. Because it was exactly what we wanted. It had the exact layout for the eating area we were looking for and the garden was so lovely. Hollander Landscaping in Toronto did an absolutely fabulous job with the makeover of this yard. Just stunning work! And even though I could never afford to get this done professionally, I was inspired. I won’t be able to copy this and I never would copy some one’s works; but hubby and I knew the layout of our backyard. Finally!

Now, I wish I was really talented with computer layouts and making plans online. What we did use was an old fashioned piece of graph paper and laid it all out and measure it all up.

The first thing up was the patio and the finished size of it. The picture below shows our patio and the orientation of the BBQ. We wanted the BBQ to fit flush up against the house. This would improve the flow of our patio and into the backyard and then to the dining table that would eventually sit at the base of the Maple tree.


The intent with the tear-down was to take each of the bannisters apart first. There were so many screws in this patio. The young man who put it together must have been fearful that it was going to fall apart. From our perspective, it would never have fallen apart. But we eventually got all of the spindles taken down.



Once the spindles were down we took all the floor boards of the patio off. Ask my sweet hubby and he would tell you that it was not as easy as it seemed. For every two screws that did come up easily, there was that stubborn screw that was stripped or solidly in that wood and was not going to come up. So it took a lot of elbow grease to get those boards up. Almost Two Days!!!

Once we had all the wood stripped off, we wondered what to do with our scraps. I just did not want to put it into the landfill. So we put it at the curb, hoping that someone would like it. Sure enough, as I was drinking my coffee the next morning, a lady comes to my door and asks if she can take the wood. They had just bought a new trailer and wanted to make a box for the four sides of her trailer. I was delighted! She put it all in her van, including the spindles.



So the floor boards were up and we were left with this solid base. We were now able to set the plans into play. We knew it was a solid structure. We did not want to take the base apart but just wanted to add to it. And that is exactly what we planned on. My hubby went back to out trusty graph paper and made the plans.

Stay Tuned!


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