great victoria day weekend…

I was thinking about what to do this Canada Day weekend and I was also going through some pictures of this past Victoria Day 2013 and it was very wet, cold and rainy. It made me think of what we did last Victoria Day 2012 and how wonderfully warm the weather was.

On that Saturday we did something that we had talked about doing before but we actually did it that weekend. We drove to Niagara On The Lake and rented bikes and biked around Niagara on the Lake for 3 hours. It was a fabulous morning for a bike ride. The sun was bright, the morning breeze was cool, and the sights serene. We actually biked to couple of wineries first; Strewn Winery was just lovely. We stopped to pick up a bottle of wine for Richard and I to have with our picnic lunch. We then drove further down Lakeshore Road in Niagara to Palatine Winery. It was such a lovely ride down the road and the atmosphere around both of these two wineries was just great. The kids loved the ride. We then headed back down Lakeshore Road towards Niagara On The Lake but before we got into town we stopped at this great park and have a yummy lunch of sandwiches on light rye bread, tuscan salad, sundried tomato camponata on french bread, watermelon, and chocolate for dessert. Swallowed down by our new bottle of white wine from Strewn and lemon frizzante. We left no food which made our backpack a little lighter. And our bellies really full. It was hard to get on those bikes after such a filling lunch.










Such a stunning day!!! Spent with my three favourite men!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for Sharing Judy…loved it!

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