that’s much better…

Sometimes it takes something so simple to make all the difference in the world to how a particular item can look. Both of my boys beds are definitely in that category. They both had these great beds that had a wooden baseboard around the bed that the box spring fits in. But when both of their beds were made you could always see the cream box spring.



At first I thought of doing a bed skirt of some sort but was having difficulty figuring out what type to put on there. Whatever I looked at appeared very time consuming and labour intensive. I was making the kids beds one day and it just came to me as I was putting the fitted sheet on the mattress.  I then decided I was going to place a fitted navy blue bed sheet on each of their box springs and it has made all of the difference. I just love how their beds look now. It looks finished, clean and the bed always looks made now. Another little thing that brings a smile to my face!

What simple things have you done that have made all the difference? Feel free to share in the comments section…




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