Easter Fun…

Even though these pictures are a lot of fun and they were a lot of fun to take, there is a story I must tell you first.

A few weeks before these shots were taken we got some tragic news. Harry, my sweet brother in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is the guy with the red hat in the pictures. We could hardly believe the news that kept coming. First off they inadvertently found metastatic spots on his liver while doing an MRI on his pancreas. Then we learned through more testing that it was in his bones and lymph nodes and then found out that the primary source was in his esophagus. It was tough news to hear. It was devastating news to hear. I didn’t want to hear it. The entire family was shocked and sad. But Harry would not let us get down about it. His brother Jack then emailed us all and said he and Mary were coming for a visit because they really felt the need to be with Harry at this time. When my husband and I heard the news that Jack and Mary were coming we really felt that we all should get together for a party. Not a sad, depressing cry your eyes out party. But a fun, happy, and laugh your ass off party. That is exactly what I did. I took at least 400 pictures that day. Some of the family was a little skittish about these pictures but some of us had such a hoot. Harry was happy that we were enjoying ourselves and celebrating our lives and family. That was our goal and we achieved it.

Since Easter there has been quite a roller coaster. Harry has started and completed his radiation, started and stopped and restarted chemotherapy and has gone through many stages of confusion, anger, and grief. When I get down and sad about what lies ahead I will look at these pictures and hope that the memories created on that day will stay with us forever.


















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