Market Road Antiques…

I have and will always love Antiques…What can I say! I love imagining where the things have been, who has used them and the stories that were created around those objects. I really enjoy when I see something that evokes a past memory of my own as well. Things my grandmothers’ owned or cooked with. I also love the weird and wonderful that you get to see. Things that just make you think about why someone owned it in the past. I have my favourites that I look for like Milk Glass and Jadite…which I might add are harder to find! And this trip to the Market Street Antiques in St. Jacob’s was a great success for all the above reasons to visit!



Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers’ used these dishes frequently and used it all the time in their baking and cooking. I wish I had known then how much I would love the nostalgic feeling these dishes would give me and I would have scooped them all up!!! But now I just have to moon over the many examples of them in antique shops. They are not cheap either!!!



And Milk Glass…what can I say! I. LOVE. IT. Wish I could find more of it locally but it is very sparse right now! I did purchase the top hat as I have two at home already and love using three of things so I had to buy it…Really…It said…”BUY ME!!”


And Brown Transferware…my new love! I have created a wall of transfer ware in my home…a post for the future! And this plate was so lovely and so CHEAP! It cost me 8.95! I don’t think that some antique booths realize what they have. I saw the price and grabbed it right away!


This piece of furniture was something my paternal grandmother had in her bedroom for many years. I would love to have that now. That mirror was huge and I remember many times visiting her home and standing in front of that mirror and playing with her many pairs of gloves and hats…So many memories. She would so neatly have her jewellery placed in those drawers.  Absolutely beautiful but at 1200.00 it was a little out of my price range that day!


And then the weird and wonderful and quirky things that were definitely used with love in the past but I am not sure what for! Some of those figurines were beautiful but that ?water fountain…Well I really couldn’t figure it out! So intricate in design and the picture does not do the colors justice (IPhone pic) but I still could not understand it’s purpose.


This Buddha was absolutely perfect. It was pretty big though and in the right setting would look great.


Such a fun and successful visit to another antique store…I think I took about 2 hours to walk through and look at so many things. But it was almost like a drug…I walked out of there so calm and peaceful…It brought me joy!



  1. Such pretty dishes Judy! They remind me of my grandmother too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love wandering through the antique shops for hours! Loved your pictures as I am on vacation and going through withdrawls!

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