K-Cup Konundrum…..


Sorry for the corny title but I couldn’t resist…

I had heard about this little hideaway a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to visit this week. So Wunzees is a K-Cup lovers dream. When you walk in there is such a variety of so many great companies that sell the K-cups for the popular Keurig brand of coffee makers.  Now, just to let you know, there were no perks for me by telling you about this place today. All free advertising for the folks over at Wunzees. I just want to share the news because they offer such a fabulous service. I LOVE that I can go there and get a variety of K cups for a reasonable price. It gives you the opportunity to try them before you buy a large amount of one kind of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Plus, you are not limited to those either. They have things such as Hot Apple Cider. My son, Jared, tried this while we were at the store and he really enjoyed it. The owner was not there when I visited but a lovely young lady by the name of Chrissy (I hope I got the spelling right) helped us. They have a store in Guelph and in Cambridge. When you visit their website you will see the maps for both stores easily accessible on their front page.

So sit back and I will take you on a mini tour of the store!



As you walk in the store you are immediately faced with their choices of hot or iced teas. So many choices! And you can buy one of a particular product or you can buy a whole box of 18 if you are sure that you like that brand.


Loved the easel with their prices front and center…takes the guess work out of it!!


So this is what I purchased for myself…Great little K cup carousel that I had not seen before. I have already put it together and it sits just nicely on my buffet in the kitchen.


Plus they offer many styles of storage for your cups…this would be great for just under the machine.


There are two large round tables in the center of the store that house lots more product including various types of the Keurig machines.


My boys were quite taken with the hot chocolate stand! And do you see those nifty containers in between the Hot Chocolate. Wouldn’t they be great in a cupboard is you did not want to display your K cups on a counter. They are a great height for a cupboard and hold a lot of the cups. You would just put the cup that the container is holding in that little hole at the top and it is never guess work. Ingenious!


They also have some bags of coffee as well.


One thing that really caught my eye were the coffee flavourings. I have always wanted to have some of these at the house but 40.00 is pretty hefty and it is such a large amount. But what was great is that they have little bottles for just under 5 dollars! Just perfect little size for the occasional flavourings!!



This little place was just lovely and I will definitely be back-So much variety and decent prices. Clean store and lots of room for browsing! You will have to go visit and let me know how it went!



  1. Totally have to check this place out! We order ours online but we are def running low!

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