a chat with pat…

For several years I have followed Pat’s blog Back Porch Musings…I have loved the cozy, comfortable feeling I get every time I pop over for a look. My favourite has always been Pat’s tablescapes. She never fails me with her tables. Whenever I need inspiration for my own tablescapes, be it any time of the year, I can always find some inspiration through her photos. With beautiful dishes and wonderful linens with a dash of whimsy at times; she always provides me with a wonderful starting point from which to work. So I thought I would pick her brain about what inspires her when it comes to those beautiful tables. I thought there would be some magical formula or creating such pretty tables but alas as you will read…there is no magic…just a little smarts and the right mood. So sit back and enjoy a little chat with Pat…

Judy: Hi Pat. I am so glad you could spend a little time with me in blog land! First off, I would love to know what your favourite table is?

1. It is difficult to choose a favourite table, I’ve done so many. The photos below are tables I’ve done in different seasons.Table G

Judy: What initially inspires you to create a tablescape?

Pat: Most of the time an idea for a table just pops into my head and I begin to gather elements from around the house. My tablescapes just sort of evolve without rhyme or reason.


Judy: What are your strategies when purchasing your dishes? Do you always have in mind what you already own or do you see something you absolutely love in a store and know that you have to have it?

Pat: I don’t shop for dishes specifically. I browse a store and if I see something I like that will work well with my white dishes, I take it home. I like to have the basics in white, then add salad plates, bowls and other things in patterns and colors, mixing things up a bit.


Judy: What inspires you to create a tablescape?

Pat: Each season of the year brings special inspiration for tables. Autumn is my favourite season. I believe that is the season I would put at the top of my list for table setting.




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