very late…

You know there are times when you think you have it all together and you are getting it all done. The list of “things to do” is getting smaller and you are getting that little feeling of accomplishment. And then reality sets in! I must give you a history. I write lists. I would die if I couldn’t write a list about something. I believe it is a sickness really :). I keep all of my lists. I know that it must sound a little neurotic/anal. But that is how I remember to get everything done; or the illusion at least. Big Oops! I planned a giveaway at the end of February after my 20 Days of Scrapbooking Organization blog series. I had found, as I was going through some old lists that I had not checked this task off my lists. And then that tweaked me. I had this one corner of my room that needed a little cleaning.  And as I was cleaning up that corner today, I found it. The package with the giveaway in it. I felt so bad and then I let it go. The thing is I’ve found it and now I can give it away to the lucky winner. My hubby and I did a name-in-the-basket type of draw and my sweet hubby drew Mindy’s name. So congrats to Mindy!!! Email your address to me and I will get it off to you immediately. Forgive me for my tardiness and I look forward to getting it to you.


0291 025


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