off the shelf…

Good morning Peeps…When you read this I think I will be having a blissful sleep after a long night shift. But I scheduled this yesterday so that I did not have to do it this morning after the long night shift. I bought this little shelf a few months ago at the Goodwill Store in Cambridge. Don’t you just love visiting the Goodwill Store? I can usually find something that I can re-purpose for my home or craft room. And this trip was no different. It was tattered, torn and needed a little TLC…And I was up for the challenge. And it was only 2 dollars!!!



The only thing that bugged me a little were the edges that extended beyond the shelf on the back of the unit. My sweet hubby cut those edges and made them flush with the entire unit. Once he cut them though the edges were raw; so using some wood filler and a bit of sanding, they were lovely and flush, ready to paint. For painting such a small project I did use spray paint. Initially I used two really thin sprayings of white primer. Once they dried, I used several coats of brown satin spray paint. This makes a smooth finish and no bubbling or running of paint. 001 - Copy


You can see in this picture how nice the edges turned out.


And now the finished project. I don’t have many stickles and mists, etc., but this shelf is perfect for them all. And still some room to grow…Of course there is something else I will need to buy!!!


003 (2)

004 (2)




  1. amazing!!!

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