proud mama and poppa…

Happy Monday everyone…How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was absolutely crazy…but with all sorts of fun things. I have been a little absent here lately…I have had a wee break from blogging but I think I am back now. My nursing schedule plus getting back into the football season has not left me much time for blogging, crafting or DIY’ing.  I miss it though and look forward to getting back to some of it soon.

But this past weekend was all FOOTBALL!!! And it ended great on Sunday with two fabulous games in Hamilton for my two boys. Jared and Simon Love their football. I never have to harp on them to get ready for it or get excited for it. They just plain love it! Jared played at 10 AM Sunday and what a fabulous game. Not only was it an absolutely stunning morning for weather but the Lions won 45-6…WOOHOO!!! What a way to start the season…we are very excited and with the new coach, Greg White, it promises to be a fantastic year! Sweet hubby is the manager and Jared and he are so pumped about where they will go with the team. Good Luck to you all!!! Just so you know…Jared is number 56!!

OVFL Scrimmage May 6, 2012

So I had to leave Jared’s game at Ivor Wynne Stadium early so that I could make it over to McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium to see Simon’s game. He made the Greater Hamilton Area All Star team this year. Very exciting!! But because Jared and Rich could not make for the beginning of the game, I decided that one of us should be there for start time. Simon was so excited about today. And I could tell that he could hardly wait to play this game.



At the beginning of the game, it sure looked like the Greater Toronto Area team was going to win it all. They were up 13-6 at halftime and we were all surprised that the score was not wider because the GHR team was not looking very good. But alas, something happened in the 3rd and 4th quarter because we fought back and ended up winning 23-15. Un-freaking-believable!!! What a game!!!



These are the Cambridge boys from the team (Missing Frank and Zach, we couldn’t find you for the picture)…Simon, James Roberts, Drew Walden and Greg Vanderkooy. You did us proud boys!!!


Between work and football our lives are pretty full. The house is not always as tidy as I would like, the gardens need desperate tending too and my craft room is a little lonely… But when I see my boys with such joy on their faces after such great games, I can not help but smile and think that it has to be worth it…


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