sew simple…

Just wanted to show you a quick little sewing project that is fun and simple to create. You could do it for any of your sports teams and it is great if you have to be outside like I do in the spring and fall of the year. This particular scarf is for the fall because that is when we are outside most in the fall of the year the Jacob Hespeler Hawks High School Teams…and this year I have one son on the junior team and one on the senior team. Double the time outside…BRRRRR!

The colors that I had to use were Jacob blue, silver and white as in their logo seen below. Very easy to find these colors so I was lucky..



There is my boy in the blue, silver and white running the ball at the 2010 OFSAA championship game…Which they won!


So…here we go…I bought the fleece in plain navy, silver(gray) and white. The fabric was 45 inches wide. I cut 6 inch strips of material.


This picture gives you a better look at the colors and is a little more true to life. Then I placed them all back to back ready to sew.


Using my sewing machine I had thread the bobbin with white thread and the needle with grey thread so that when they were completed you would not notice the thread. Yah…I am anal that way!! Then I began to sew one straight line down the middle of the long strip of fabric.


Once the three pieces are sewn together, and using scissors, just cut the fabric in 3/4 inch pieces up to the center where the fabric is sewn as you can see in the picture. Then repeat the same process on the other side of the sewn line.


Once it is done, you are left with this as seen above. Shake it out real well.


And then you have this fuzzy, warm varsity scarf that will be perfect for that fall football game.



  1. So kewl and easy too!

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