key to my heart…

OK, this is most embarrassing-I have lived in my house for the better part of 15 years and it was my intent to do this when we first moved in but I never got to it. Well this weekend I finally did it!


I took all those spare keys that I had in a basket in my buffet and that everyone has in their home and I gave them all their own key tag with a neat little label. There were a lot more keys than what you see here but when I went around my house checking to see where they all belonged; most of them had just been collected over the years and did not belong in my home at all. So they got pitched in the ol’ garbage and now I am left with the keys that work in my home.





  1. You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Love it!

  3. Very Nice!

  4. Italian Mamma says:

    It feels SO good to get something like this done, doesn’t it?! Good for you!

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