all done with one paper pad…

I purchased these 3 things several months ago when they were first released. I have always loved the combination of yellow and browns and in this collection there was a splash of pink/fuchsia mixed in. How Lovely!! I bought them all at Two Scrapbook friends and was so pleased with how all of my projects turned out. I have fallen in love with how versatile a 6×6 pad of patterned paper is. I got four cards with two double layouts out of one pad and two sets of their small sentiments and tabs. Now, I know that I have 2 more cards in my pictures file, but I cannot seem to find them today.

BBL001  DBL001  DBL005


With a few more added embellishments that I have in my stash and a little creativity, I created four cards; two of them pictured here.



Jackie Ludlage of Canadian Scrapbooker came to the Stevin and Chris show and a crew of us went to see the show and then we all went out to lunch with Janet, Sheri, Karen, Lisa and Jackie and her husband went out for lunch. It was so much fun! But there was so much brown and grey in the pictures that complimented this page so well.




This layout has no pictures on it!!! Well, I do that sometimes. I take a bunch of leftovers and some extra embellishments in my basket stash and Voila!!!, a Layout! Not sure what pictures will go on it, but whenever I decide they will have a great layout to display themselves on. What I am trying to show you is that with the leftovers from my paper pad I made an extra layout. I am a little anal that way; I hate putting a few pieces away in my scrap pile when I know that I have just enough to create that perfect layout.

Maybe next time when you go to the scrapbook store and your see all those pretty papers on the rack and you know you can’t afford to buy one of each sheet…Well, maybe you have enough to buy that 6×6 or 8×8 paper pad which has more than one of each sheet and you will be able to create a lot more than one layout. With your savings you can afford to buy a few sheets of embellishments as well. Some of the paper pads actually will come with a sheet of embellishments inside of them; so just remember to take a look.







  1. Wow Judy! Love your creations with this 6×6 pad. You have shown that they are not just for cards. Great job.

  2. Wow you did beautiful things with it!

  3. Amazing projects Judy!! You did wonders with that 6×6!!

  4. Well done Judy!
    Joanne xo

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