Fantastic Europe…

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of my oldest son today.Yesterday he returned from a 10 day school trip to Munich, Vienna and Prague. There were about 50 kids and six chaperones set off a week ago Friday to Europe. When Simon left, I will not lie; I was nervous. That is a long ways from home at the age of 16. But once I got over that initial panic that lasted for one evening; I grew to appreciate the enormity of the value of this experience he was going to have. I kept thinking how this experience was going to show him so much about the world outside of his own. To see the things he saw and to revel in it boggles this mother’s mind. So proud of you Simon; to go on this trip, to take care of yourself so well, to show great responsibility, and to come home with greater appreciation of your own home and country; These things are the things they make you grow and flourish into the wonderful young man I already knew existed. You will always be my little boy but this past week has shown me how you are growing into such a wonderful young man… 

Simons Trip 117

Simons Trip 164

Simons Trip 258

Simons Trip 169

Simons Trip 044

Simons Trip 046

Just a sampling of of what he saw and the pictures that I have played with so far.



  1. Such amazing photos and what a wonderful opportunity for your son!
    Joanne xo

  2. Wow, amazing!

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