a little antique fix…

This past week my hubby took a couple of vacation days and we spent one day just goofing off…no housework, no chores, no fixing just chillin’ out. WE did not even make beds!

We started the day with just relaxing at home with our morning coffee and a great breakfast made by hubby. Doesn’t food taste so much better when someone else cooks it! Anyway off we went to explore. First place we were off to was this fabulous little find called Grand Valley Fortifiers. Now, forgive me, I did not get any pictures here but I do plan to go back because it is such a neat store. We just wanted to take a look in there but found out lots of great info about bird feeding. My hubby and I have really enjoyed our bird feeders these past 2 winters and wanted more info and boy, did they have it. But more on that in another post.

Then we were off to Southworks Antiques at the Southworks Outlet Mall. It is so much fun to visit this place. I did not purchase anything this time which is very rare. I was looking for more Milk Glass or perhaps a new piece of Jadite; but no luck. But what I did find were lots of fun things that gave me ideas; Perhaps I will start to collect some other kind of dishes as well. Who knows!



Wouldn’t it be fun to buy a whole bunch of these old rolling pins and put them on your kitchen wall as art…How cool would that be.


These pink vanity lamps are so cute…Wouldn’t they be pretty in a girls room! Just love the shape of them…They caught my eye.


These gold dishes filled my grandmothers kitchen when I was a small girl…Memories!


My hubby was quite taken with this great old Coca-Cola cooler. It was hardly touched…Mint condition!


And whose house did not have one of these teapots growing up!


Now this really intrigued me…Did Time Horton’s ever make their own pies in store?


I thought these large pink letters were the coolest things…But they were huge!!!


Again, my grandmother had so much of this glassware in her home as well.


So many vintage linens at Southworks…


And this is the glassware that caught my eye…Loved it!! May have to go back and buy me some of those!


If you ever have a chance to visit; Go! It is so much history in one big building!




  1. So much fun, thanks for sharing your pics! Makes me want to go right now!


  1. […] I had a weekday off together…a very rare occasion! So we took the entire day off. We went to the Southworks Outlet Mall and a few other places; but, we went to this lovely little cafe that we have been meaning to go to […]

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