what a treasure…

On Friday I showed you some old Cookbooks that I had in my stash from my Mom and Grandmother. When I was looking through them I found some old written recipes. I could hardly believe it. Where did they come from, who wrote them and did my Mom ever try the recipes. I emailed her the images I am about to show you and this is what she came up with.


This recipe was written by my Dad’s Mom. My Mom does not know if she ever tried this recipe. They look kinda cool. I might try these sometime.


This recipe was written by my Mom’s Mom. It looks like some sort of baked cabbage casserole. Not a big fan of cabbage so not sure if I will try this or not. But it sure is cool to have this memory.


My Mom does not know who wrote this recipe; but Cabbage Rolls were eaten a lot in my house growing up. It is the one time I don’t mind eating cabbage.


And then there was this little gem folded up and inside the Lilly Wallace Cookbook. I found it fascinating. There are no recipes but look at the close ups…




This article was absolutely a hoot to read…


The Don’t Starve Diet was pretty freaky!!!


I wonder if you can still get these booklets…Doubt it!!

Such fun stuff. Won’t be throwing any of this away!!


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