Old Cookbooks…

I have been so happy going through some of my mothers’ and grandmothers’ old recipe books lately. I was cleaning out my book shelf recently and actually sat down and looked through some of the books and thought I would share these two with you. The Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book is the fifth printing done in 1962. The year before my mother and father got married. The book is in immaculate condition and I hold it near and dear to my heart. Its one of those things that you always saw in the kitchen as a child and my Mom did use it. The pictures below are taken from the book and are absolutely hilarious to look at now. Times certainly have changed…Don’t ya think?








The Lilly Wallace New American Cook Book is even older and belonged to my grandmother. Some of the recipes in here are unbelievable. Perhaps I will share some of them another time. You really notice how times have changed when you look at these recipes. We truly eat differently now as well.



It is very comforting to me to know that I still have a wonderful, touchable memory of my Grandmother and Mother as the years pass on. Thanks to one very strong and vibrant Grandmother who is no longer with us and to my Mom who continues to be a source of strength and guidance…



  1. Wow these are fantastic!

  2. i love old cookbooks, thanks for sharing yours!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi Judy, I recently started reading your blog and I’ve really been enjoying it. It was so funny to see the Better Homes and Garden cookbook; I have the same one and had just pulled it out last weekend for the first time in years! I inherited it from my great aunt around the time I got married (25 years ago). I used to use it more but hadn’t in the past few years until I was looking for a cake recipe.

  4. What treasures! I own a lot of old cookbooks, but sadly none are from family. You’re so fortunate to have them!

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