The Makeover…

So, several years ago I made this calendar for my Husband for his desk at work. It was in his stocking one Christmas. After the year was up, I asked him if he wanted to remove it from his office becasue the calendar was off now…but he wanted to keep the pictures there…Which I thought was lovely…But about two weeks ago he brought it home and asked if we could update the pictures. I thought it was a great idea!

So I started with the same calendar; released many moons ago byAll My Memories.

Using a Blank Calendar from a free pritable calendar website, I printed out the 12 months for this year that I would need. I formatted it to fit the space needed for my calendar. Cut them out and pasted them on. Then I went into my pictures file on my computer…picked 12 photos and uploaded them to Walmart and pasted them into my calendar ready to place on my Husbands’ desk once again.

I am so pleased with how it turned out!!

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  1. Your calendar is great Judy! What a fabulous idea!!

  2. Love it, I have always wanted to do one of these!

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