My Idea Binder…

I have two books…Well, I have more that two books; but these two books keep me on track when I am scrapbooking. They are my idea books. they are just simple binders. One holds all of the ideas that I clip out of a magazine, print off the internet or instructions that I keep from a kit I have put together. I use this book on at least a weekly basis. It is always pulled out of the book shelf and on my table. It is a great way for you to gather all of your ideas into one book, binder, or journal.

The other book I have is my sketch book. Again, it is just a binder that I have printed all kinds of sketches over the years, as seen here.  They are used so much; I can’t even begin to tell you how many of these sketches I have used. A book with all of your sketches is a wonderful thing.


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