My Crop Bag…

When you leave your workspace to go to a crop or maybe a large scrapbook bag is your only source of organization as you begin scrapbooking…whatever the case a good bag helps you get organized to go to a crop.

And. I. Love. Mine. 

 I remember when I first saw this bag many years ago. My girlfriend Sheri had a lovely Ultra-Suede blue bag. And it fit so much in it. I really liked it. So I went on a hunt! Around the same time, my girlfriends and I were headed off to Novi, Michigan for the Great Lakes Mega Meet. We had gone once before and it was such great loads of scrapbooking fun! They had everything at this show. I thought for sure they would have my bag. MIMI had just released a new color; A Red Ultra Suede bag. I fell in love! And I had to have it. I get to the show…No Bag!

I was devastated…Not really, but a little…So off to a few local scrapbook stores in Novi and Voila!!!

My bag!!! I bought it immediately and have never regretted it.

The key to a great scrapbook bag is compartments and the ability to organize it the way that you organize your space. Lots of small, medium, and large spaces to hold all of the precious belongings that we take to a crop. And also some space left over for the purchases that you will invariably make at the crop too!!!



  1. Wow such a great crop bag! I have just started cropping and find it so hard to pack!

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