Card Storage…

When I re-created my scrapbook space I found this black bureau at IKEA in the clearance section of the store. It had been a store sample that had gotten a few kincks on its leg during moving etc…I knew it would be a perfect fit for my room…provided great storage and felt nice up against the taupe wall…

It did work perfectly and the second drawer became home to my cardstock card collection. Yesterday, I talked about my leftover scraps and this is what I do to some of the scrap cardstock that I have leftover. Whatever pieces of cardstock are left from a project, I immediately turn it into a crad. Most of the sizes are 5×7, 6×6 or 4.25×5.5.  I also have the envelopes to match those sizes.

Now, it may look like a lot, but I have collected these over the last 10 years…Soooo… when you put it into perspective, it really isn’t that bad!! Right??? I do know that it feels real good to have a proper place to put them because up until now they did not have a decent home. Now they stay in better shape and are not constantly moving from one basket to another.



  1. Well this is brilliant and I am for sure doing this!

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