Scrap Usage and Storage…

Well…It ain’t pretty but it works!!!

I have tried so many different things when it came to my scraps and what I keep has even evolved. And how I use my scraps is even different these days…Let’s start at the beginning…10 years ago…the scraps got thrown away…I know, I know…atrocious!!! I decided to tell someone that many years ago and they told me I was crazy…that I should be using them for other projects…papeer was too expensive and I need to use it for other things. It really changed how I use my paper for sure!  At that time, I had a bureau in my scrapbook space leftover from an apartment I used to live in. All of my scraps got left in one drawer of that bureau. It quickly took on a life of it’s own. It was hard to find things and it was also hard to keep it from getting ripped.

I also had this file box from Staples for the purpose of holding our past tax forms. When we purchased a new computer desk, there was room to put our old tax files and this file box was now empty…and alas, the idea was born.

I decided to be very relaxed about how I stored and organized the paper. I do try to keep the cardstock and patterned paper seperate just for ease of use after the fact. But, it has worked out real well and again I didn’t have to buy anything new…it was already sitting in my house ready to be repurposed!!

The way I use my scraps is so different now as well…After I complete a layout I really try to complete a card immediately after. It has worked well. I always have cards on hand for that special birthday, anniversary or thank-you and less of my scraps go to the scrap file. Most times all I have left after completing a layout and card is a few scraps for the recycling bin. Works out good! 

How do you use your leftover scraps???



  1. Well some of my stirage ain’t pretty either but ya do what ya gotta! LOL

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