DIY Idea Board…

Soooo…when I redid my room I took down a bulletin board that I used a lot. It had everything on it; ideas, keepsakes, pictures…you name it…it was on there…Wish I had taken a picture of it before I removed it, but alas, this next idea came to be.  

I decided to do another idea board but I wanted to spend as “little money as possible”. So off to the Thrift Store to see what was available…I was looking for an elaborate frame and an old bulletin board. I came away with the old bulletin board but could not find that special looking frame that I had in mind. The old bulletin board was 2.00…tick, on the “little money as possible” front. But, despite visiting three thrift stores, I could not find that frame.

So, in a totally unrelated stop at Micheals a couple of weeks ago, I found this frame. It was in a clearance bin marked “Sold As Is” for 8.00. I looked and looked and could find no imperfections whatsoever. Knowing what was out there in the thrift stores for about that price and not really what I wanted regardless of the fact that what ever I got at the thrift store I would have to makeover…I was sold!!! Second tick on “little money as possible”. It was large and brown and beautiful!!!

 So then came the assembly…I took the old bulletin board apart. It was so simple; the sides of it just pulled off. I then measured the backing of the brown frame. I measured the piece of corkboard and cut it to size…Just a note to anyone who wants to cut corkboard in the future…Cut from the top of the corkboard. When I did my first cut with my saw, I cut from the flip side of the corkboard and it cracked the edge of my corkboard. So on my second cut, I cut from the top and my corkboard cut a lot smoother. The first cut didn’t damge the corkboard too badly because the frame covered the uneven corkboard. 

 Placed the corkboard in the backing of the brown frame. Sealed it with a little liquid nails and voila…

 A New Idea Board….

 So happy with how it turned out…whatcha think?  For 10.00 and about 30 minutes of cutting and assembly; I have this fabulous looking fresh bulletin board that is ready for all of my keepsakes again. I think it fits the category of “little money as possible”. Have you ever upcycled an item from the Thrift Store?



  1. This is awesome Judy!!

  2. I love it, it turned out awesome!

  3. I’ve been looking for an old frame as well… better keep going but thanks for the encouragement!

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