Epicure Day…

I am very happy to have found these products. I have known about Epicure for quite some time but never really started using them until my friend Janet started her business with them. As mentioned last week, I recently held a tasting party for her. Again the flavors were so authentic and made in Canada is a real bonus. My order came this past week and over the weekend I tried my first 2 new products. So00… I first purchased the 12 cup Multi Purpose Pot and the Mac and Cheese Seasoning. Well, it was so simple to make and was a big hit in my house…

Just using whatever pasta suits you (Iused bowties), milk, butter(optional),and the mac and cheese seasoning; you were pretty much done. The amounts are written right on the side of the bottle of seasoning which is fabulous as well. We don’t buy a lot of premade food items in our house, but we do on occasion make a box of Kraft Dinner. It is a great alternative to Kraft Dinner and my kids liked it a whole lot more that KD. So happy!

I would really like to promote this product without actually selling it…With that in mind, I would like to offer Janet’s business number to you all…If you would like this product in your home or would like a tasting party to try this great product…

Contact Janet Wagner at 519-634-5560



  1. I have that pot and love it! Have not tried the mac and cheese stuff though!

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