Quick Ink at Hand…

I love my Tim Holtz Inks.  I have other inks but I have to say that these have provided the most amount of consistency when it comes to inking and stamping. Now, I will admit I don’t  do a lot of stamping but what I have done, these are the inks for me. My problem was that each time I wanted to use them, I usually took them all out and found the one that suited my project and placed them all back in their container and that took a lot of unnecessary time. So I visited the Ranger site and found this lovely template for my inks. Only drawback was it did not include the two new ink releases that Tim put out this past Fall and Christmas. So I created what you are looking at below. I mimicked the Ranger template but just added a bottom row that makes space for the 6 new inks. It was very simple to create; I even did it in Microsoft Word! If you would like a copy I can email you a PDF file that you can download and use for yourself.

Just email me and I will send it off to you. 

To let you know what I created here…it is pretty simple. When I created my sheet up above I had not purchased these new inks. Just got them last week at The Art House Studio. Karen has a fabulous selection and good stock of each color. She actually has lots of inks as you can see in her Online Store but these are my favourite.


So I take each color and rub a patch of ink on some white cardstock. Once it has dried, I used my 3/4 inch circle punch and punched one circle from each color and using a pop dot, placed the circle in the appropriate square on my chart. Now the chart is out and ready to use at a moments notice when I am looking for that perfect colored ink.




  1. What a great idea! I’ll be doing this for sure!

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