My Epicure Lady…

Ok, Ok, It doesn’t sound as catchy as “The Tupperware Lady” or “The Avon Lady”; but she is “My Epicure Lady“. I was channeling my mother there. Growing up we always knew the ladies who brought my Mom her Avon and Tupperware only as that; “The Tupperware Lady” and “The Avon Lady”. They never had real names, did they?

Well “My Epicure Lady” does have a name: Janet Wagner. She is my bestest friend…she is a great sales lady…and she sells a fabulous product. Recently, I hosted a tasting for her. I was already sold on a lot of the products that she has introduced to me. The ladies at my tasting party were introduced to several more. Can’t wait to make that Asian marinade for my chicken. 

In the coming months there are going to be some fantastic improvements in the internet accesability for the Epicure Reps to get you all hooked up with product. Janet will soon have her own page on the Epicure Website and she is very excited about it. I you are interested in placing an order or booking a party with Janet, just leave a comment on this post and I will get you all hooked up with her.


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