Grouping your papers…

I have always believed that Cropper Hopper made fabulous products for storing scrapbooking supplies and the following product is what I believe to be my most favourite of them all. I used to own one of these for my paper storage. but it was not user friendly for crops. It was so hard for travelling to crops; I remember one Saturday going to a crop in Milton and the entire cart fell down the stairs. It was sturdy enough plastic not to break but my paper ended up all over the floor. I knew that I needed something else and I did not need to bring all of my patterned paper to every crop.  

What was I to do…My friend Janet solved my problem for me. When she completed her scrapbook space she used the following storage item for her patterned paper. I was in love and I was able to store all of my paper in such neat organized containers. You can see how I have used them. As you can see I have a lot of Bo Bunny and Basic Grey paper. 

 I store some of my paper by holiday as in the Halloween or Christmas or by Sports. In the larger paper holder I have used page planners to place a lot of sets of smaller amounts of patterned papers. It keeps them all together and when I am planning a page I take out the larger paper holder and match it to my pictures and then just take that page holder to the crop and not all of my papers in one large metal and plastic holder that can fall over the stairs.

I am much happier scrapbooker because my my cropping bag is a lot lighter and I only take what I need to a crop now.

Monday: Crop Cardstock…


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