Lighting It Up…

When I first renovated this room about 10 years ago, I decided that I needed some bright lights. When we first moved in here it had two very small lights in the ceiling that did not help much with scrapbooking, sewing, quilting etc… When the time arrived for me to acutally put up some real walls and put down a real floor with some real furniture…I knew that it had to light up well! I tried to create two zones. One was over my scrapbook/craft table and one over my cutting table. I also tried to put in some accent lighting with pot lights. Then I left the rest to lamps and candles.

You can see the three pot light accents that really brighten up that corner of my room…There is a large bulkhead in that spot and it was real dark…the three pot lights really help when doing things in that corner.

This is my cutting table for fabrics. It also serves as a place to organize my pages when going to a crop. I am able to place all the things needed for each page with my pictures and the lighting really helps with this. As you can tell in the picture, the light shines right over the table with no shadows.

I have also got a couple of accent lamps in the room as well. Now they really don’t help for task lighting. But there are evenings when I am just watching a little television and doing some paper work like banking and writing letters to friends and the soft lights help for evenings like that.

Tomorrow: Grouping Your Papers


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