I. Love. Sketches.

When I first started scrapbooking, I felt that each page I did HAD to be my own design. I felt that if I didn’t scrapbook my own design, then I was not a REAL scrapbooker. The amount of idea books out there 10 years ago were plentiful; but I found it difficult to adapt to exact pages in a book when not having the exact products that they used. I was not able to look at a finished page as a sketch, but as a finished page. I also kept all of those scrapbook magazines and idea books in my scrap space and they took up a lot of room. I found that for a couple of layouts in each magazine or book that were something that I would scrapbook, I had to keep the whole thing. That was then and this is now and I have certainly gotten out of that mode!!

Now sketches are everything to me. I don’t think I can scrapbook without them. I love the ease of browsing through a sketch book or looking through a sketch blog to find that perfect layout that you know you can create. It all began with a sketch website called:

Stickers N Fun

I started using the sketches on this website in 2005. I still have all of those sketches printed and placed in a binder. All together, those sketches take up a lot less room than all of the magazines and idea books that I used to own. Around the same time, Becky Fleck was starting to put out sketches. I don’t know where I got her first sketches in 2004; but late 2006 I started to print off her PDF files from:

 Page Maps

About a year ago I purchased these fabulous books:


Sketches For Scrapbooking

I first purchased one of these books, I think at Scrapfest a year or so ago. And I was hooked! Loved it and it led to me purchasing all of them. They have card sketches, one page sketches and two page sketches. They are having a January release of a travel sketch book as well. Have not seen it yet, but looking forward to what it may offer.

There are some great sketch websites out there as well. I have been on a couple of design teams over the years. They would provide you paper and you would have to create using that paper and embellies only. I felt honoured to be on a design team, but found it a little hard to create with sometimes, limited products. Now that I have been on a couple of sketch design teams, I am in love with that process. The website/blog provides you with a sketch, and using whatever you have in your stash, you create a project using that sketch. I really enjoy that creative outlet. It is wonderful for me.

Some great sketch blogs out there are:

Sketchabilities  Cardabilities Creative Scrappers

I can not tell you how all of the sketch sources above have helped me stay organized and continuing to scrapbook. I love and use them all. I hope they can help you as well. I hope you can enjoy the links…go visit them and use them!!!


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