Button and Pin Storage…

Okay…I admit it I have a problem!!!

I. Am. Addicted. To. Buttons.

Okay, there is alot more that I will share over the next month that I am addicted to as well but we won’t go there…Not yet anyway!!!  I also love looking at them on my shelves…displayed where I can see them. I am a visual person…I need to see things or I forget about them. So when I saw these great bottles at IKEA many years ago…I had to have them…

Once I had the buttons I had to sort the stash of buttons that I did have. They were everywhere and scattered in varous other smaller containers. It was long and tedious but I eventually got it done. There are 5 of them neatly arranged by the following:

  • red-burgundy-pink
  • blue-purple
  • orange-yellow-mustard
  • white-grey-black-brown
  • green-olive-light green

This little container I got in the kitchen section of a local dollar store…Who woulda thought…I use it in my crop bag to make sure I have a variety of buttons always ready to go when needed.

This little dish I also got in the kitchen section of a department store here in town..It stays on my desk so that I always have something handy to grab at for that button that will always end up on my layouts and cards…If I don’t find what I am looking for in that little dish I will go to the larger jars on my shelf.

Now onto my pin storage….I love my pins and I kinda just fell into their storage solution. I was at IKEA one day and saw this long slender black ceramic tray in the flower section. I knew that I could find a use for it somewhere in my room. I came home and remembered that I had these little jars from a while ago. They were initially holding some of the buttons mentioned above before I got the large jars…So, I proceeded to put my pin selections in them. Now my pin obesssion is not as large as the buttons but it is growing…And I do have all this storage for them…Just sayin!

I do have this great little suggestion for your pin display…Again I am visual and if they are out I will use them…That philosophy might work for some of you as well…This little project comes from my days when I used to sew a lot more…It is a cute and inexpensive pin cushion.

Pin Cushion Tutorial

You will need to recycle the top of any aerosol can. Make sure you rinse and dry it well. You will need a piece of felt; mine was 8.5 x 6 inches. That will depend on the size of your top. And a large ball of batting.

Place the large ball of batting in the center of the felt. Grab all 4 corners of the felt and meet in the center.

using both hands then grab all the other edges and hold them in one hand.

Start by placing the open end of the felt into the top of the plastic cup. Play with it and you will have to work it a little so that it all fits. It will fit, but you want the cushion to be big and bulky to safely fit your pins in.

Once it is done, place a pin or two of each of your own selection so that it is always visible and ready to use.



  1. amazing Judy- we share the same addiction

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