Making Memories Organizer…

My Making Memories Organizer is what started my organizing craze in my scrapbook space. It gave me all of my essential tools in one quick look. And it fit on my table so nicely and neatly. It was white and clean and spacious. There are many and more affordable kinds of this tool on the market and I have looked at them all. I have to say that the MM organizer is more sturdy and handles a lot of use.

As you can see I have labelled each space in the organizer only so that I know where it all sits. For many years when I first owned it, everything went everywhere. So I sat my behind down one night and figured out where I wanted everything to go and it worked. I was actually able to fit more in there once I had it all organized.

You don’t even need to have a special scrapbooking organizer. Look at what I did at home in about 20 minutes one evening. I had a  wooden lazy susan and used various bowls or containers from around my house to create something cute and pretty. It doesn’t have to look utilitarian.

One container holds my glues and markers, one holds my pens, pencils, and scissors and the smaller one holds my frequently used two hole punches. I also placed a ceramic obelisk in the back to give it some height. Left some room to place my 3-in-1 glue and stamp cleaner and you have got yourself a great organizational tool for very little money. I am a believer in shopping your house sometimes for what you need!

Tommorrow:  Button and Pin Storage 



  1. I think it is awesome that you are getting organized!! I love my MM desktop organizer. Mine holds my Copics though! 🙂

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