Valentines Day…

Little Red Wagon #118

Jan, I loved (no pun intended) this challenge…So many times I don’t make Valentines Day cards for my family or hubby. This challenge forced me to do that …so happy! 


I am so pleased with how vintage this card looks. In all of my scrapbooking, I feel that it is my favourite way to scrapbook…with a vintage feel. I will have to do more of it in my cards for sure. Hop on over the the blog to see what the other girlfriends have come up with. 



  1. Wowsers! This is gorgeous!
    Joanne xo

  2. Thanks Joanne!!

  3. stunning Judy- love the new blog too!

  4. Gorgeous Judy!! Love it!

  5. So lovely, Judy! That key is fabulous!

  6. This is gorgeous!

  7. Hey Judy, tried commenting earlier this week, but it wouldn’t work.
    LOVE that key and the corrugated heart! Sweet card!

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