The Simple Plan…

Do you spend more time searching for your tools than you do scrapbooking? Wouldn’t you love to have a fun, organized, and inspriational space in which to scrapbook? Well, I certainly have gone through my fair share of many organizational tools since I began scrapbooking almost 10 years ago. Some of them were dismal failures and others have proven to be true. My good friends, and you know who you are, often joke about my sense of organization and how obsessed I get with it sometimes. (Only Sometimes!!!)

I have been to almost every scrapbook store, organizational website, and  busisness store that offers ideas for storage. The conclusion I have come to over these past 10 years is that you have to live and work in your space to see what works for you. I also know that the perfect organizational tool will turn up just about anywhere. I also know that there is much inspiration out there to gather those tools from in blogs, scrapbooking websites and the occasional handyman’s workshop!

I hope that over the next month I can offer some simple organizational tools that work well for me. I hope to throw in a few DIY projects that I need for my current craft space as well. It may help your present scrapbook space or may help as a way to improve something that is existing in your craft room. Whatever comes from this month, I do hope you are able to scrapbook more and get those pictures onto beautiful pages.



  1. Love this Judy! I’ll be tackling my scrapping mess in the next month so I’ll be following you here!

  2. Janet Wagner says:

    You always come up with great ideas for organizing and decorating. Looking forward to following you, I know I will be inspired!

  3. Looking foward to your tips! Love your new blog format too.


  1. […] done; or the illusion at least. Big Oops! I planned a giveaway at the end of February after my 20 Days of Scrapbooking Organization blog series. I had found, as I was going through some old lists that I had not checked this task […]

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