Hello There…

I am so excited to be starting a new blog.  Blogger was good to me for 3 years or so but I felt the need for a change. A fresh look…A new perspective…A welcome change…Change is always exciting…Excitement leads to possibilities!!!

And with that round of positivity I give you the new look and the likelihood that the coming year will bring lots of change. Good change!!! I will be bringing you even more of the things that I love.

First off you will notice a new banner for my blog…Again, going for that fresh no-nonsense approach. I have to admit; it is the first creation from Adobe Photoshop that I am proud to say I completed all on my own with a little help from my friend Sheri. That is definitely one of my goals this year; to create more with Adobe or at least start to work with it more and understand it’s personality!!! Becasue I swear that me and my new friend, Adobe, have started off on the wrong foot. I intend to turn that around and he will become my close friend by the end of the year…

So…where do we go from here…

Well, for the next month I thought I would try a great little series of blog posts about organization. In particular, what works for me in my scrapbook space…Humbly, I will present the things that work for me and hopefully they will help or make you rethink how you use your own space. I hope to show you a few tutorials and there may even be a few giveways…Stay tuned!!!

I look forward to sharing my little slice of heaven with you all and am very excitied about the new blog!!!



  1. It looks fabulous Judy!
    Joanne xo

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