I was looking through my pictures file on my laptop this weekend and found what I believe to be my favourite flower in the entire world…OK, maybe I am exaggerating, but I love this flower when it starts to bloom in the early summer. The size of that flower when it blooms…well, it is just spectacular! I only have white hydrangeas, but would love someday to fuss enough with them to get the pink and the blue…I know, all I have to do is add some acidity to the soil. But that is what is so appealing about my white ones. I can’t kill them and they are beautiful just on their own!!!
We were having a few people over for a late summer BBQ (you can see hubby on the patio by the BBQ). The hydrangeas were all stating to turn that beautiful grellow that is just stunning when grouped together. So that is exactly what I did…Using my Milk Glass as vessels…I placed one large hydrangea in each vessel and placed three on the table and three on the buffet. As you can see it matched my table runner perfectly!!!
I also placed a large buch of smaller hydrangeas in a glass bowl and put it on the front hall table…forgot to get a picture of that one…it was perfet for greeting everyone as they walked through the front door.
Sorry for the picture quality…they are kinda dark…but I guess I had a few too many glasses of wine before I realized I had not taken some pics…Despite the darkness; you get the idea of how much impact something so simple can be.

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