Dollar Store Decorating…

My side of the family got together on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year. We had planned on not having a large meal but actually having a variety of appetizers (hot and cold) so that we could all just graze at the food throughout the evening. So for me that meant decorating a table for a buffet. Something I did not have a lot of decorations for. Or so I thought. I decided to shop my house and found lots of white, silver and gold items that would sparkle on a New Year’s table. But I wanted just something a little more. A trip to Fabricland and Dollarama and we were off to the races…
I purchased this lovely glittery gold material at Fabricland and it draped around the table so pretty…In conjunction with an already owned white table cloth and a large piece of black broadcloth that I already owned…it was perfect!
So then a trip to Dollarama and I purchased so much for about 10.00…Hats, Crowns, Sparklers, Noise Makers, and lots of white candles.
Loved it all and got lots of compliments about the table; especially from my kids…they loved it and I loved them for noticing. But to be honest; it came together in about 10 minutes once I had everything on the table…Love it when a plan comes together.
Also love that everyone, including all the boys just had a goofy time with the hats and crowns. I just had a thought…I wonder would he mind if I put that picture on his Facebook page???? HMMMM!!!
It really was a fabulous evening and we all had so much fun…thanks foir coming guys…Until next year…




  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening and your table looks great!

  2. Dollarama is one of my favourite stores. Sometimes I just go there to see what is new…..I always find something. Your table looks beautiful. Great job.

  3. Wow, nicely done!

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