Out Of The Closet…

Okay, I am almost ashamed to show this crazy messed up closet. It was the dumping ground…It was the ugliest excuse for a closet…It was scratched up…It was useless!!!!

The shoe storage solution was clearly not solving anything for us…So we made the decision just before Christmas to strip it down to the bones…

Took all the baseboards off…We had some left over from the living room makeover that we could use.

Do ya see that black mark on the wall…there was a bad stoarge solution there that we would put all of our plastic grocery bags in…It looks pretty bad doesn’t it!

The color of the paint in that closet was so faded and did not look good up against our newly painted hallway…

The baseboards were hardly attached with these carpenters staples…No surprise really!!!

But now we have an organized, freshly painted sensible closet…We got these fantastic recycling bins at Ikea that serve as our shoe storage. Everything is enclosed and has fabulous clean edges which is visibly pleasing to me. Can’t really tell in the pictures but we also replaced the baseboard that was painted with Benjamin Moore “Cloud White”…

Those drawers actually lift out and can be washed when needed.

My sweet hubby installed an extra shelf for our larger coolers. There was a lot of wasted space up there and we just measured the existing shelf, purchased the wood and got it cut at RONA, painted it and then installed it…Love the extra storage space. Now on the lower shelf we store our daily use lunch bags and the kids place their hats up there too!

A little corner tucked away there for extra hangers for visitors…

We also measured and placed 2 1×2″ strips of wood with hooks so that the kids can place their backpacks after school each day.  they typically dump them at the door…Now they have a dedicated space. It has been about 4 weeks and they continue to use them…

And I still have my Elephant key hook…I have had this little guy for many years and decided not to part with it…

it is so good to have this completed and it makes such a difference because I don’t mind opening my closet anymore…The kids are even getting better with hanging up their coats. It was real nice this holiday season because we also had lots of room to hang up coats from our many visitors…Really enjoying it!!! In regards to cost…It was minimal…the paint, baseboards, brushes and rollers we had on hand. The Ikea recyling bins were about 20.00 and the wood and cutting came to about 40.00. So for 60.00 we got a complete closet makeover….Lovin that deal!!!




  1. Great closet makeover. Gotta love Ikea.

  2. Organization makes me happy!

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