Welcoming 2012…

As I relish in the peacefullness of New Years Day, I look back to 2011 and this little blog of mine and think of what were my favourite moments that I shared with you. It also makes me look forward to what my goals for my blog are for 2012. Let’s begin by what made so happy to share with y’all this past year…

I did lots of great scrapbooking the beginning of this year…I was looking for something to keep my mind busy and not think about my diagnosis…so I dug in and got lots of fun pages completed.

March brought news of my surgery date and with that in mind I decided to close the scrapbook room for renovations. This was such a welcome diversion from my mind. It kept me busy and I had a goal to have this great scrapbooking room to retreat to during my recovery. It worked because I have spent a lot of hours in here since it has been completed.

I started something new last year in that I wanted to share some of the techniques that I use on my own pages with y’all. Some of my favs were shown here and here.  I would really like to continue that this year but more of it. I even hope to do a series of some kind on the basic techniques that help me stay organized and utilize some of those many extra leftovers that all scrapbookers have. More to come on all of that. 

In 2011 Imade two seperate design teams that I was so thankful to be part of. Sketchabilities and Cardabilities were so kind to let me share in a great experience. Thanks Karan for letting me create with your sketches.

This past summer I took a trip all by myself…Yes, when I felt up to it my Mom asked if it was possible for me to come home for a visit. It turned out that I had more than enough airmiles for a trip so off I went. My three boys did great at home and I had a fabulously relaxing trip home to Newfoundland with my Mom and Dad. Thanks for a great visit Mom and Dad…I needed it and came home to my family with a renewed energy ready to get on with the rest of my healing!!!

This past fall one of my LSS; Two Scrapbook Friends, asked me if I would do some designing for them with a fabulous line of paper from American Crafts. I was so touched and humbled. But I loved what I came up with. Some of the best scrapbooking I completed this past year…

Going away this fall with my two favourite girls was one of the most threpeutic things I did for myself this past year. Off we went to Grand Bend with Two Scrapbook Friends in October to scrapbook for an entire weekend. Sheri, Janet and I have a wonderful weekend filled with paper, fun and laughs. Looking forward to next fall as well…
So as I look forward to 2012, I have a cheeky smile on my face. I have made it through one of the toughest years in my life and look with anticipation to a year filled with no negatives; only positives!!!
Bring It On!!!




  1. Hoping that 2012 is one of the best years! R/

  2. Judy I am so happy to sit here and read about your reflection on 2011! To my surprise, Two Scrapbook Friends came up more than once. I am sure I speak for Joanne too when I say that we are thrilled to be small part of that. That is really why we do what we do. I hope that 2012 is everything you want it to be. I also hope that you would be interested in doing some more designing for us. Our shelves look so great with your creations on them. See you lots (I hope).

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